Before purchasing the subscription make sure to choose a right plan for your company, pay attention to the below information:

1. Images vs Videos - choose between "Images" and "Videos. This is the type of content that will be provided by our users to you.

2. Monthly vs Yearly payment - you can choose to pay monthly or yearly fee. Note that yearly fee will offer a discounted price. In order to switch from monthly to yearly subscription payment, simply click the toggle as portrayed on the below screenshot.

3. Depending on a plan you will get the following:

Starter plan: 1 photo campaign, 5 free photos and 1 user OR 1 video campaign, 3 free videos and 1 user

Professional plan: 4 photo campaigns, 20 free photos and 5 users OR 3 video campaigns, 6 free videos and 5 users

Enterprise plan: unlimited photo campaigns, 30 free photos and unlimited users OR unlimited video campaigns, 30 free videos and unlimited users

Note that "users" are simply people who will be able to use your account simultaneously.

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