We're super excited that you've joined Foap and even more excited to have you launch your first campaigns on Foap! Check the below instructions on how to launch the campaign properly (note we also refer to Campaigns as Missions):

1. Make sure you are on your dashboard view first (you can find "Dashboard" link in top left corner) and click "Create New Campaign" under "Campaigns" section.

2. Firstly, come up with a relevant "Mission Title" for your Campaign. Our tip is to make it short and catchy. You can use up to 50 symbols.

3. Next, scroll down and click on the type of content you want to be generated in this Campaign - "Photo" or "Video". Afterwards, click "Next".

4. On the next page scroll down to "Type of Mission" and choose* Product Sampling - these Missions are closed and only available to our select Foap Plus Community. You pick the amount of users you would like to receive your product.

Once you've chosen your type of Mission, scroll down or click on the button with the arrow pointing down to continue.

* - If your plan is not sufficient for the chosen type of Mission, then you might need to upgrade it.

5. During the next step you have to decide how many users you'd like to send your product to. The minimum is 5, but we recommend sending your product to at least 10 users.

6. On the next step, you will need to add discount codes which will be used by our users in order to order a sample product from you. It contains the same amount of fields as the number you've entered in previous step e. g. 5 in this case. Note that all of the fields must be completed in order to successfully launch a Campaign.

7. Scroll down further and you'll see a text field where we ask you to provide a place where discount codes can be redeemed. The fastest way to provide the samples is by allowing our Creators to order them from your online store with a 100% discount code. Please make sure that the codes work properly as otherwise the creators will never get your products.

8. On the next step, let us know what is the value of each of your sample products. Make sure that you put the value for a single product and not the accumulated amount for the total of your products. Showing the value might increase the engagement of our users and provide you with the content of higher quality.

9. During the next step choose a date to start showing your Campaign to our users. Note that you will not be getting photos from this day on, but rather matchmaking with photographers who are interested in providing the photos to you, so make sure to set a start for user request date early enough. The matchmaking process can take couple of days. Make sure to set the date and the time during the set up!

10. On the next step, describe what you want to get from our users. For example, if you need photos of your product where main color palette is pink then make sure to mention that. This is the place where you give direction to our users, so better directions usually provide better results.

11. Next step is where you write down rules of your Campaign. Here you want to be precise and brief. It's basically similar to Campaign description, but each rule is separated to make it more clear for our users. Add only the most important rules here to make sure our users can provide.

Firstly, click field to type the rule (marked with 1. below), then click the "+" button to add it (marked with 2. below). In case you want to remove the rule, click on the "-" button (marked with 3. below).

12. During this step you have set an age requirement for your Campaign. If your product is restricted by an age requirement e. g. alcohol make sure that you set it here. If your product is available for everyone, then you can skip this step.

Drag the circle to set the age or click the "Every age" button to make it available for everyone.

13. Moving on to the next step. Here you set the amount the Creator of the best photo will receive. The higher the reward, the bigger the motivation of Creators. You select the winning photo(s) after the Mission has ended. Note: The chosen amount will be billed to your credit card. You can also add multiple rewards by simply clicking the "+" button. Make sure to write a number here e. g. 2, 200, 150.

If you decide to not set a prize, then simply type 0 in the text box. It means that the Creators will simply be awarded with your sent sample products.

14. Alright, we've almost finished! Last two steps are required to make it more clear for our users on what you expect from them. Cover photo should be relevant to the name of the Campaign, Example photos should be relevant as well and indicate a direction of photos that our Creators have to provide to you.

NOTE THAT the required minimum size of an image is 1280x960, but we recommend adding a bigger size images to make sure the viewing quality is sufficient. Also, make sure to drop images on the marked place in order to upload (the image should appear in the below field if you've successfully uploaded it).

15. WOOHOO! You've made it to the last step of Campaign creation. Here you can choose to:

a) "Save" the Campaign for later. If you choose to "Save" it, then you will be able to find it under "Manage Campaign" - "Drafts" on your dashboard view.

b) "Publish" it instantly. If you choose to "Publish" it, it will also be able under "Manage Campaign" - "Active" on your dashboard view.

If you have any other questions make sure to drop us a line on our on-site chat or via support@foap.com. Thanks!

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