In case you're interested in a Product Sampling Mission (it's the Mission during which you send you product samples to select photographers) then this article might come in handy.

After you've created a Product Sampling Mission, you will be able to find the Mission under "Campaign" on your dashboard. The Campaign will be placed under "Matching" tab. In order to check if any of our users have applied, simply click on the "Show creator" button just under the cover photo of your campaign.

Once you're in the "Matching" view you will see 3 main tabs:

  1. Applied - here you can see how many users have applied in total and how many free spots are left i. e. how many product samples that you've provided are left.

  2. Approved - this tab will show the photographers which you have approved for receiving product samples from you (just a reminder - you don't actually have to send a sample yourself, samples will be ordered by our users using the 100 % discount codes that you will provide during Campaign creation process).

  3. Rejected - this tab will show users which have been rejected by you after you've reviewed their profile i. e. whose photography quality/style wasn't matching your expectations.

Once all of the open slots are distributed, the Campaign will get started automatically and first photos will be provided during next couple of days!

You can find the launched Campaign under "Campaign" - "Active" view. To check out its photos, simply click on "Show photos".

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