I. Generic mission

The whole beauty of the Foap Platform is that it provides creative diversity. It’s not like licensing a photoshoot with a single photographer- you will receive lots of creative concepts from your mission.

Generic missions give you a unique opportunity to show your audience that your business is professional and trustworthy with eye-catching content.

Generic missions are made available to all Foap Creators. This will give you a great selection of photos provided by multiple, diverse creators.

# Photos do not contain specific brand products (of course they can if you would like to see that). There is no need for you to send (sample) any products to the Creators.

# In the mission description, you indicate what you would like to see in the photos and what you would not.

# You don't need to choose the creators who generate the content. This will be open to the entire Foap Community. The whole Foap community will be able to participate in the mission and create content for you.

# Remember to guide the creators, it is super important that you add example photos.

# The rest leave in the hands and minds of the creative power of the community.

Examples of generic missions: “ We want to see your photos dancing” or “ Show us how you drink your coffee”.

Generic mission gives the creator the opportunity to be inventive and tests their creativity.

If you want to see other examples of generic missions check out this link: https://www.foap.com/customers :)

II. Product sampling

With consumer behaviour shifting to online, it has become ever-hard to stand out in the content noise. More than ever brand love is crucial for success - and building an emotional connection with your audience.

Product sampled missions give you a unique opportunity to step away from using stock (like everyone else) and create authentic, user-generated content that will drive your ROI goals. Consumers identify with UGC, as it's created by consumers like themselves. The future of branding is authentic, and this is what product sampled missions will provide!

Product sampling missions are missions only available to chosen creators.

It is crucial that YOU hand-pick the creators through their Foap profiles and define the number of creators you would like to take part in the mission.

# Each photo will portray your product.

# It is important to describe exactly what you would like to see in the photos and what you would not.

# Remember to guide the creators, example photos are critical to mission success!

# You pick the Foapers that you would like to sample your products to (they have their profiles on Foap which will be made available to you).

The minimum is 5, but we recommend sending your product to at least 10 Creators.

# After selecting the number of Foapers who are to receive your product, you will need to add deep (100%) discount codes that will be used by Creators to redeem the product from you.

# Make sure to highlight where discount codes can be redeemed, and most importantly the SPECIFIC product. We don’t want Foapers ordering the wrong product :/

# Finally let us know what is the unit value of each sampled product. Showing the value will increase engagement and attract high-quality Creators.

It’s important to put all the requirements you have for the mission and the desired content.

Remember: be as specific as possible, avoid long descriptive sentences.

Content generated by the creators tells the brand story in an authentic way.

Think of Foapers as your customers who through their creativity reflect how they see your brand.

Due to the true nature of authenticity of the content, brands and e-commerce merchants are able to create brand love and develop an emotional connection with their clients, and what comes with that, - crush their sales targets!

If you want to see other examples of product sampling check out this link: https://www.foap.com/customers :)

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