Some useful terms :)

Foaper is the term coined for our beloved creators. They are a global mix of pro photographers, videomakers, hobbyists, and more amateur super talented shutterbugs. Think about them as your customers who through their creativity mirror how they see your brand. Due to the true authentic nature of the content generated by Foapers, e-commerce merchants, and brands globally are able to create an emotional connection with their clients & with that brand love. Creating authentic, user-generated content, will drive your ROI goals and crush your sales targets!

Creator Reward: this is the reward provided to the creators for purchasing their content. This will be either in product value, monetary reward, or both. This will go to the individual creators, whose assets you wish to purchase. Think of it as acquiring the rights to their creative IP. If you choose to purchase 100 assets from 100 Foapers, each one will receive a reward - at which point the transfer of rights occurs.

Winner Reward: this is the reward provided ONLY to the chosen winner/winners of the mission. Think of a Foap Mission as a creative contest, where Foapers compete to provide You with the most shot-to brief amazing assets. By providing a winner reward - you will incentivize them to spend more time and thus drive better results. If you were to dedicate your weekend to take pictures of someone else’s product, would you like to be incentivized? Furthermore, if you were a talented creator with many possibilities for co-op? Think about it, this is your brand that we are talking about. You can choose to set one winner reward (top prize takes it all) or put in for example top 3 prizes. 1st place will get $100, 2nd place will get $50 and third place will receive $25. Important: this is ON TOP of the creator reward that we discussed previously.

Examples :)

Starter Pack Example:

# You will be able to launch 1 mission.

# You will be able to pick/purchase 5 photos from creator-generated photos - as part of your package.

# As part of the option you purchased, WE (FOAP) will reward in this example the 5 photos you choose. So these 5, 3, or 1 Foaper, whichever photos you choose, will get a monetary reward from that, from Foap. The so-called “Creator Reward” so that you can get rights to their assets.

# If you choose to set a $50 Winner Reward - the best place photo will on top receive a $50 reward. This is NOT included in the package.

# The winner reward acts as an incentive to bring in talented creators to compete for the

grand prize.

How much should I reward?

If you choose to set a reward (you DON’T have to) we see it being effective starting from $25.

See the examples above - rewards range from $0 - $100

If you want Foapers to take that extra step (when it comes to branding it’s certainly worth it) we recommend you set a Mission Winner Reward. You can do this here:

# You CAN but DO NOT have to set a reward for the WINNER or WINNERS.

# This would be paid on top to attract the highest quality creators.

# We - as Foap, will NOT be profiting from this!

# This would be a contribution directly to the creator that You choose to have WON the mission.

Rewards in product sampling missions

In product sampled missions the creators will already be rewarded/incentivized to create content for your brand in exchange for receiving the product.

You are not obliged to pay ANY further costs on top - yet we strongly RECOMMEND that you set a mission-winner reward to attract and incentivize great content. This would go directly to the creators, we will not be profiting from this.

Rewarding for Video

There is also no obligation to reward creators for campaigns with video. We had seen successful campaigns with a $0 reward in the video but we also had seen badly briefed campaigns that offered a $200 winner reward. There is now a one-fit solution here - but again we strongly recommend that you set Winner Rewards for Video Missions. The creators will be doing a lot of heavy lifting for your brands, so make sure they are motivated!

Foapers are vatted in delivering amazing content customized to your needs. They are most importantly talented creative humans. Advice which we can give you: put yourself in Foapers shoes and think of what would motivate you to give that extra umph of creative effort ;)

If you take care of the creators and see they are doing amazing work, they will like working with you and will come back to future missions. This way you slowly build a creator pool that is your go-to and most importantly who loves your brand and working with your brand or your specific products.

Reward creators and they shall reward you back :)

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