Foap is a platform that connects brands with video and photo creators from all over the world.

The idea is actually very simple. You provide a brief for our creators, explaining what kind of content you’re looking for, and our community delivers shot-to-brief photos and videos in a 2-week campaign.

[perhaps a screenshot of running campaigns]

There are two types of campaigns:

  • Generic campaigns - if you’re looking for stock-style photography or videos, this is what you’d choose. Our creators cover a broad range of photography types, like landscapes, business shots, images of people, food or architecture.

  • Sampled campaigns - if you’d like our creators to include your products in their shots, this type of campaign is for you. Foap makes it easy to send your product to chosen creators and receive branded content that you can use on social media, your website or e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

You can choose as little or as many photos or videos as you need. Once a campaign is completed, downloading your chosen assets is a breeze.

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