The whole beauty of the Foap Platform is that it provides creative diversity - you will receive lots of creative concepts from your mission. There are two types of campaigns - generic and sampled. Read on to find out what the differences between them are, and which type will fit your specific needs.

  1. Generic campaigns

Generic campaigns are exactly what the name implies - generic. You might need photos of a certain situation, landscape, architecture; in other words, a very general theme that won't involve you sending your products out to creators. Of course, as with any photos sourced through are community, you get to specify what you'd like to receive - all photos submitted by our creators will be shot-to-brief.

Generic missions are made available to all Foap Creators. This will give you a great selection of photos provided by multiple, diverse creators.

Here are examples of photos that our creators would provide for a “ Show us how you drink your coffee” generic campaign:

2. Sampled campaigns

The main difference between Sampled Campaigns and Generic Campaigns, is that Sampled Campaigns feature your product. You choose the creators who you'd like to work with. Generally, we recommend working with 5 to 10 creators to get the best results in one campaign.

Here's an example of the type of photos you would expect to receive in a sampled campaign:

If you'd like to see more of our Campaigns, both Generic and Sampled, head over to our website :)

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