Creator Rewards vs Winner Rewards

There are two ways in which Foap Creators can be rewarded when you choose to purchase their content:

Creator Reward: this is the reward provided for every purchased photo or video, and is included in your photo or video fee. It's basically the fee for purchasing the commercial rights to use the photo or video.

Winner Reward: in order to incentivize Creators taking part in your Campaign, you can choose to add a Winner's Award to the photo or video Mission. This monetary reward is added on top of the basic Creator Reward and is, of course, optional. Go for it if you'd like to make your creators feel extra special (and go out of their way to fulfil your requirements) - after all, who doesn't enjoy an additional nudge in the right direction :) Additionally, Campaigns that include Winner Awards tend to attract the most talented Creators, who treat them like creative contests.

You can choose to provide only one Reward for the winner, or you can split the Reward into several prizes (for example: $100 for first place, $50 for second and $25 for third).

At this point you're probably asking yourself - if I decide to go ahead with a Winner Award, how much should it be?

Generally, any additional award is welcome. The Winner Award goes solely to the Creator, so you can be sure that it'll introduce some gamification to your Campaign and ensure that Creators will provide more pictures to choose from. For best results, aim to offer $25 per award or more.

Rewards in different photo Campaign types

You've probably read all about the two basic Campaign types - if not, you can refresh your knowledge here.

While for Generic Campaigns the importance of providing a little something extra for the creators is fairly obvious, you might be tempted to think that products sent out in Sampled Campaigns are enough to motivate Creators. This isn't necessarily the case and we don't recommend not setting a Winner Award at all, although the reward can be smaller and will still be appealing to the best creators.

Rewarding for Video

Our recommendation for Winner Awards for videos is exactly the same as for photos. There's no obligation to set a Winner Award and each creator will, of course, receive their Creator Award for the content that you choose to purchase. However, offering a Winner Award will attract more of our most talented Creators and, ultimately, will result in higher quality submissions.

Reward creators and they shall reward you back :)

If you'd like to see examples of past Missions and rewards, head over to our Customer page. You can also check out active Missions here.

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